Online Casinos That Pay Big

Everyone can play online casino games. That is a fact. And most people know where to play those games. Where they can go to be rewarded just by being a player ?  Places like these are known as best Online Casinos. If you are a beginner and you don’t know where to play, just read the following text, and you will learn which casinos are regard their players as kings.

Now, there are hundreds upon hundreds of Online Casinos and you should not choose in what casino to play by mere reviews. Most of online review sites are fakes, and they don’t provide exact information about Online Casinos.  Number of games also isn’t a real indicator of how good a casino is.

Most important indicators, that can tell you how good an Online Casino is, are: name (brand), number of players, bonuses they provide, quality of their games and quality of their customer support. When all these factors meet a few Online Casinos have an obvious edge. Here is a list of those Online Casinos with few words about what each of them offers in term of bonuses.888-Casino-Download1

888 Casino –  888 Casino offers free money that depends on time spent playing 888 Casino games. It also has a VIP section with few exclusives for their members. Overwhelming  900 dollars bonus for the very first pay in, happy hours with its own rewards and bonuses, calendar events with their own additional rewards, accumulated money that can be won at the end of every month… And Sunday doubled bonuses for cash ins up to 100 dollars.

Party-Casino-Download1William Hill casino  –  William Hill offers its players referral bonuses for their friends. It also rewards money spent with free cash.  It offers percent for cash ins, up to 20 percent. And of course there are individual bonuses for certain credit card types and certain money transfers. All that plus a special bonus for second pay in. )

Party Casino –  Referral bonuses and loyalty program are always active. Progressive games with extraordinary rewards.  Part Casino in its offers includes a special games that can be played live. It also allows you to use on account for Party Casino and all other Party games.

Winner Casino  – an incredible four digit bonus for new players. VIP, loyalty and Comp programs are active and they provide their users with rewarding bonuses. A bonus for alternative payments. All new and exclusive superhero slots bringing you Hulk and Iron Man.

eucasinobonusEverest Casino – Loyalty bonuses for dedicated members. Special mp3 songs and ringtones distributed for free.

Titan Casino – 200 euros instantly and monthly bonuses. Referral bonuses for every friend brought in a game. Alternative deposits are rewarded too.

EU Casino  – Free coupons every Monday and Wednesday,  two lucky users receive up to 200 euros rewards. Special event all summer, up to 300 euros free every week. 500 euros of bonus for second pay in. Progressive games with big rewards.

Jackpot City Casino – Loyalty bonuses for all its members. Free spins for slots during promotion.

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Online Casino Types and Info

Gamble-OnlineOnline Casinos are similar to normal casinos with exception that they give players commodity of playing from their own homes.
Most people assume that money can’t be won with online casinos. They make a mistake there.
Well they are half-mistaken. To earn money and prosper with Online Casinos you must take time and learn how to play.
There are a lot of techniques that you can learn to increase your chances of winning. All of them are hard to learn.
Some are quite complex to grasp and even after learning them, they require a large amount of time spent practicing.
Of course this takes the fun out of gambling. But on the other hand you learn to win not to play. So basically these techniques are not for everyone, and not everyone will be successful in their quest to master them.
There are few main types of Online Casinos and there are obvious differences between those types.
First, there are Bitcoin casinos that, apart from accepting bitcoin as valid payment (some accept only bitcoin, some include other currencies), are quite innovative in types of games you can bet on.

Of course there is a big downside to this kind of online betting. Bitcoin casinos are unregulated and are quite fragile, so they close quite quickly.
Then there are live dealer casinos that include live dealers in their game repertoire. These are quite expensive to play and to maintain and so only few big Online Casinos include this king of betting.
Live-dealer1After that, there are regular Online Casinos that include everything apart from live dealers.
Another type of Online Casinos is online poker rooms. This king of betting is basically a poker game without house taking percentage.
There are also online bingo halls, that are in their core same as normal bingo halls with exception of players playing from their homes.
Last type of Online Casinos are sites with single serving specialty. In other words these sites offer only one king of games to play. It is unwise to play on this kind of sites because normal Online Casinos include those games in their,often big, offer.
At the end of the day, best Online Casinos are Microgaming casinos that include live dealers in their offer.
Most Online Casinos offer one or the other kind of bonuses to players. Not all of these bonuses are good for the players. They allow playing with bigger amount of money and increase length of playing. But there are downsides that come with those bonuses. These downsides include strict requirements and limitation of all wagers.
These can prevent you from withdrawing your money when you want to withdraw it.

There are few simple facts about Online Casinos you should know:
-you can earn money, despite some saying otherwise (but starting blind will result in loss, so think before starting)
-casino bonuses are not always good (you should inform yourself about all aspects of those bonuses)
-most casino reviews on sites that do casino reviews are fake, don’t trust them (people writing those reviews are not players, so their opinion is invalid).

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21 And Older – Should You Consider Blackjack Or Maybe Poker?


If you are new in a gambling world, you should consider few things. Game of Chance exists since the birth of mankind and pretty much all things in the world are based on some sort of probability, so why shouldn’t you try some of these games?

weIf you are 21, you should consider Blackjack. This game is famous among Card playing games and playing is really simple. Goal is to get number 21. It’s played with one or more decks. Cards in range from 2 to 9 represents numbers from 2 to 9 while 10’s, J’s, Q’s, K’s represents number 10. Ace can mean 1 or 11 which depends from other cards. Game is set up on the playing table where sits only one opponent: the dealer. Blackjack is the game where you,with the help of little luck and calculation, can make a huge amount of money, but be careful anyway because the deck number will increase eventually and your success rate drops.

Popularity of the Blackjack is mostly based on its playing advantage compared to other card based games. Following the history of Blackjack, it has seemed that game can be easily beaten if you adapt your strategies and apply certain playing systems that will increase your chance for success and minimize the losses you make. Of course, all of them are banned because they are considered as cheating. One of the most perfected systems of play is counting cards.

FairPoker BlackjackAnother popular card based game is, believe it or not, poker. The most played versions are Texas Hold’em and Five Card Draw. Naturally, we all know for dark, smoky back rooms from the movies where poker is being played, but what does make this game so special? In poker, player is confronted by other players and the goal is to get the strongest hand. In poker, most valuable talents and abilities are game evaluation, probability assessment and calmness. Psychological abilities are needed to determine whether opponent is bluffing or not.

Texas Hold’em is played with two cards in hand and five on the desk while in Five Card Draw, you switch five cards in your hand with those from the deck, in order the get the strongest hand you can. Poker is more dynamic compared to blackjack, due to the bigger game challenge against the various opponents and different human types and characters.

wqThese games made their way on the Internet and connected a vast number of players. Games are faster, easier and more understandable. Easy cash and overnight fortune is easier these days, but it takes a lot of skills for that. International tournaments are places where the skill of the world class players is measured.

Online playing of these games is pretty much simple because it doesn’t demand any installations. All you need is a decent internet connection. If you want to try to gamble and Casino is really far, you should try it online. It’s really funny. Choosing your game and the style of play is your personal thing. Nobody will accuse you falsely of cheating on the Internet. Just sit in your chair, connect your computer to the internet and play it during day or night.

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Types of online casino games

As gambling is a natural human instinct and provides people with occasional excitement and fun it is no surprise that online casinos are experiencing such enormous rise in popularity and financial growth. Internet gambling is basically just an updated version of a hobby which was practiced in every period of human history – from ancient Egypt, China or Roman Empire all the way to modern-day casino centers like Las Vegas or Macau.
Online casino first appeared in the mid 1990s and since that moment they captivated audiences all over the world. This multi-billion industry is constantly recording increases in profits, and also in numbers of customers.american-roulette-1000x616
Huge popularity would not be possible without the great gaming experience that online casinos provide, whether you play on mobile device or desktop computer. Visual and audio elements are brought to perfection, and safety and security issues are minimized. Computer software companies are responsible for those aspects of online games and there are numbers of developers in this business. However, several names have earned the respect of others by offering ultimate service and perfect products and most famous of them are: Microgaming, CryptoLogic, RealTime Gaming, Net Ent, Playtech and others.
All of those software companies are in search of one thing – to create the best possible game. In trying to do so they developed millions of new games so far and perfected some of the all-time classics. Precisely those “traditional” games are still the ones that people play the most when visiting a casino website.
download (1)Slots
Only the most popular game in land-based casinos and it has found its way into online gambling with style. Although there are number of variations, even on online casinos people still love those classic 3 or 5-reel slots when all you need to know is press a button to start the spin. Slots offer great odds, as their payment percentage is usually set around 95% and also there are progressive jackpots – the more people play the more they grow, and sometimes they reach millions of dollars.

Very old game which originated in Europe is now being played online as well. Objective of the game still stays the same – reach as close as possible to 21, without going bust or losing to the dealer’s hand. Some online blackjack games offer the option of playing with live dealers, which is claimed to be a safer version and is maybe more trustworthy. Nevertheless, graphics for this game are generally very smooth and realistic so players usually do feel like in real-life casinos.

Often referred to as the King of Casino games, this game of pure of chance originated in France and spread all over the world very quickly. Nowadays we have two versions of this game, the European (original version) and the American roulette (with “00” placed on the wheel) but both are based on the same principle – players gamble on one of 37/38 numbers, or on one of the colors (red/black). The croupier spins the wheel and releases a small whit ball in the opposite direction and if the ball stops in your number slot – you go home smiling.

There are several other popular online casino games, like craps, baccarat or poker, and all of them provide millions of players with a lot of entertainment and excitement.

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Advantages Of Free Online Casino Games

Ruletka - Kasyno - Hazard

Gambling has been popular among people ever since the ancient times. Throughout the ages, many kinds of casino games have appeared and disappeared, and today among the most popular ones are card games like poker or blackjack, games of fortune like slot machines, roulette, craps, and other famous or leas famous games. Before the Internet has made its breakout into the mass market, casino games could be played only in places intended for that – and those are, of course, casinos.

G1126_NJ_online_gambling_630x420ambling industry is one of the richest and the fastest-growing in the world, and with many of the people’s activities moving online nowadays, it is no wonder that the same thing is happening with the casino games. Today, you can find hundreds and hundreds of websites that offer classic or modern casino games, providing you with the possibility to gamble from the cozy chair in front of your computer, or from any other place you like, through a laptop, tablet or mobile phone. These websites offer the chance of playing their games by placing funds in real money, usually by using a credit card or money transfer services such as PayPal. However, many of the online casinos also offer a wide range of games their users can play for free, without having to invest a dime. This is certainly a perk when compared to either brick-and-mortar casinos or paid online games. Here we have chosen two main reasons why you should play online casino games for free, i.e. without investing any money.

First of all, as already mentioned, you will be spared from investing any funds and thus losing any money on gambling, like you would in real casino. You cannot even enter the casino without some money in your pocket, while with the free online games you can play endlessly without losing anything. These games are usually played for virtual money or credits, which can be invested into further playing. You can also win additional bonuses, free spins, additional rounds and other prizes. So, if you do not belong to the kind of people who play casino games hoping for a jackpot, but you rather do it for fun – this is a perfect option for you.

american_roulette_online-gameOn the other hand, if you do want to play the games for actual money and try to win a roulette or slots jackpot, or win in card games, you can still consider playing for free, at least in the beginning. If you are not a very experienced player, if you play a certain game for the first time, or if the online setting of a casino is still new to you, free games can be an ideal opportunity for you to do some practice. You can use free games in order to get accustomed to the layout of the game you want to play, or in order to practice and improve your strategy of playing, since there certainly are casino games which require some tactics before pure luck.

Whatever might be the goal of you playing of casino games, do not estimate those that are played for free, since they can provide you not only with the chance to practice and improve your strategy and style, but also with lots of fun.

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Android vs iPhone pokies

iPhone has certainly made the revolution in the mobile phone industry. The first model was launched in 2007, and to this day there have been six generations of this mobile device, which has become a mark of social status and something that can make people wait in lines for hours in order to get one. Shortly after the introduction of iPhone, Android OS appeared on the market as well, and it has quickly become one of the favorite operating systems for smartphone devices. There is an ongoing “dispute” between iPhone and Android users: those who prefer iPhone claim that it is much simpler to use and much faster as well. However, Android has its advantages as well. The fact is that Android is much easier to adapt to the user’s needs and we cannot forget the fact that android devices are much cheaper. These two advantages are what made Android quickly become widespread and used by many people all around the world.Mr-Vegas-Pokies-1

No matter which operating system you choose on your mobile device, it is the fact that mobile phones of today are similar to computers in many aspects. Companies from various areas of business have recognized this trend and they have made applications which can be installed onto your cell phone. Therefore, you can listen to music, play games, paid the bills, chat and do pretty much everything online via your mobile phone. Online casinos are among those who follow the trends, so many of them now offer their users to install the application for the game of their choice on to their cell phone in order to be able to play anytime and anywhere, and one of the most popular games certainly being pokies.

Android users currently have a slight advantage when it comes to applications for playing online pokies. This is because, unlike iPhone, Android supports Flash, so the game can be played directly through a browser on the casino’s website. kung-fu-monkey-online-pokies-wm-360x270Also, Android pokies users are currently more widespread, so when it comes to downloadable applications, there are more of them which are intended for this operating system. However, many online casinos are aware over the fact that iPhones are quickly becoming more available and that the number of iPhone users is constantly on the rise. This led to online casinos being more and more iPhone friendly, which means that they are changing their online games from being in Flash to being in HTML. When it comes to those casinos which offer mobile applications for their android pokies games, there are more and more of them who also provide mobile pokies apps together with those for Android OS. And what’s more, since pokies is so popular, and yet quite a simple game, it is one of those whose number in the app market is on the biggest rise.

No matter which operating system you use on your mobile device, you can be sure that everyone is aware of the fact that smartphones are “computers of the future”. This means that, even if you are currently in a position where you cannot find everything you need in the form of an app, you are going to be able to do so in no time. The number of iPhone-friendly applications is growing day by day, so the choice you will be able to make when it comes to playing pokies or any other game on your smartphone is soon to become perhaps even larger than the one you have on the websites.



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